How can I reset bios password? If i keep it on the table everything looks fine and it works normally, but everytime i change its position it stops responding. Try upgrading your Vista to SP1. My question is, does it sound like the hard drive? Acer Aspire Laptop Aspire First Acer has dim screen.

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Will let you know if that fixed it once it is powered off and left overnight. I accidentally dropped my laptop,when booting it up im getting a message saying aspire 5100 bl51 may be damaged it gives option to start up windows or to aspire 5100 bl51 repair itself, tried both options but none working,have also tried when starting up f8 options ie last good configuration etc,my final try was my manual i want to restore my computer to its original settings without a recovery cds it set up to do aspire 5100 bl51 but failed also now when starting up im just getting a blank screen HELP.

Managed to get anotherwhich had screen flicker. A little back ground, I put in my sons dell xp recovery by accident and overrode everything on acer Aspire 5100 bl51, i have an aspire and for the last 5 days i have a problem with it.

My processor as you know, is the Turion X2 with 1. Hi, I opened up the keyboard and noticed the cables were not loose and installed fine.

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Try reinstalling it from the recovery disc. I guess my questions are 1. Please Please help me.

Check the memory module. Sounds like a faulty keyboard controller on the motherboard. One b51 question, while using the external keyboard my screen is fairly dark.

I spoke bk51 Acer tech support. I mean, I press the power button, the power and hdd leds light up and the screen stays black. Please help if you can. It crashes everytime it goes into windows.

Acer Aspire 5100

There is not much you can do except replacing aspire 5100 bl51 motherboard with a new one. That did not fix the problem. Test the hard drive. Try replacing the hard drive. If the laptop hangs with each module, apparently your problem is not related to memory. I have wireless N at my home now and I would aspie love to experience mbps.

Turn on the laptop and aspire 5100 bl51 F8 when Acer logo appears on the screen. Another quirky thing is that it only becomes a fault once the machine has been off and disconnected from any power AC or battery for approx.

I think I have cured this but now upon switch on, everything appears to start but I have a blank screen. After you find the part number, search on eBay.

First one is, when I press the power button some time it is show own but hang after that. Remove four screws marked with red circles and loosen aspiree screws marked with green circles. I replaced the processor to no avail. Enter the BIOS setup menu. Hi, I have an Acer Aspire Would you recommend cooling pad to take away aspire 5100 bl51 heat? I guess I will need to get an usb hookup for the hard drive. Will be different numbers but same format.

Aspird will call this Fred. I replaced that screen with the second hand screen and the screen works perfect.