What I would really like is to be able, without any caveats, to freeze a wave form and, if I wanted to, zoom in on a section by expanding the horizontal scaling by say times. I found it easier to click on the dropdown boxes and select the value that I needed. About this product Product Identifiers Brand. The DSO also practices this deception. But in the end I replaced it with a more conventional stand alone oscilloscope. Lead length 30 meter.

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Positives and Negatives The good features of the oscilloscope are that it does what dso 2250 says that it does and it is very good value for money. It’s an necessary interconnection cable for general function and signal generator applications.

As a result you tend to leave it dso 2250 with a mere 10K memory depth, which is dumb when you purchased an oscilloscope with much more than that. The green lettering near the bottom of the screen show that channel 1 dso 2250 an amplitude of 1. Vertical System Vertical Sensitivity.

Save dso 2250 in 250 following: Does everything well – except it has no pre or post trigger. Trigger must always be on the visible portion of the screen. Lead length 30 meter.

Hantek DSO Digital Oscilloscope | eBay

The dso 2250 version on the manufacturers website ver 6 is extremely clunky and difficult to use. Simple accessory that allow you to take accurate secondary ignition measurements on COP ignition systems.

dso 2250 The accompanying software boosts it to the upper league together with the great names. About this product Product Identifiers Brand. In the top centre you can see a graphic which shows the displayed section of the waveform in relation to the whole waveform stored in memory. One of the great benefits of this is that dso 2250 can make the window as large as you want so you get a wonderful large screen oscilloscope, great for observing the details of a waveform.

The DSO is sold by a number of companies, often under their own, dso 2250 house brand name, but they all keep the model number DSO HT – Process Calibrator. Product Registration After-sales service Questions.

Hantek DSO-2250 Digital Oscilloscope

This item doesn’t belong on this dso 2250. On the right in purple you can see that the trigger was set for a falling edge on the external trigger input and the trigger level was —mV.

Eventually I found a more updated version ver 7that is used in these screen shots and, while it is much improved, it is still dwo dso 2250 use. Dso 2250 external multimeter socket offer a quick and easy solution, where a permanent connection is not required. The “User Manual” is absolutely useless, leaving room for a lot of guess work thanks Googlefor example: The orange marker represents the trigger point.

I admit that this is an unfair complaint as most dso 2250 oscilloscopes have this noise but their dso 2250 fso generally do not show it. Support is another negative for this device.

The above screenshot shows some of the on screen measurements that are possible.

Hantek 100MHz PC Based USB Oscilloscope

This is invaluable as it allows you to examine the images later and compare them with waveforms recorded under different circumstances. The very first thing which I did after opening the package, was to drop the scope on the floor not on purpose.

Multimeter Banana Socket HT All these markers 22550 dso 2250 clicked on with the mouse and dragged to new positions. It’s a special line for assisting auto measurement instruments to test various types of signals. Two channels plus an external trigger input. Mini Test Hook HT On Sample Speed and Dso 2250 Depth One issue that seems to be common amongst digital oscilloscope dso 2250 is that they quote a sample speed and memory depth in their specifications but you cannot get both at the same time.

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