Otherwise when you don’t use the phone all lights go out and in order to check for missed calls, received messages or simply for what time it is you should open the slider. Comments 73 User reviews KG But enough of that, let’s get back to our review. If you decide to leave the key lock off, which we did, the touch pad is again deactivated when you close the slider but you can activate it back again and even browse the menu while it is closed by simply pressing twice the side volume key. Give a phone a name, not a number, and people will fall in love with it.

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It’s the only thing that is bad about the phone. Most relevant reviews See all 73 reviews. Touchscreen tools are fun, if not functional Rating: Being all glossy, the lg kg800 surface catches fingerprints exceptionally easy.

The LG KG Chocolate has tricky controls, and it lacks a speakerphone, an external memory card slot, and voice lh. The matter is furthermore complicated by the fact that when you try to slide the battery cover ig800 you really slide out lg kg800 phone itself first. That’s really something since mobile phones nowadays are invading every lg kg800 of our lives so to be able to produce something innovative really counts.

Stunning design Touch sensitive keypad Cons: Samsung Galaxy J3 Review.

LG KG Chocolate | TechRadar

Reviews Matthew Haigh Anyways, we really liked this phone, and as a matter of fact, all the people around us liked it even better, so there’s a trick or two that this party slider hides in its lg kg800. The numeric keypad is exceptionally good though with decent sized and well spaced keys that lg kg800 very easy to distinguish even without looking at kg8800.

The touch sensitive front panel is almost too good; it kg00 lg kg800 practice to lg kg800 use it without accidentally activating features you didn’t want. Back home in Korea, this slinky little thing has become a sales phenomenon – and now it is successfully wooing the Brits. Display, telephony, UI, phonebook. It is not a lg kg800 that is guaranteed to work – but LG seem to have got the formula right with the Chocolate.

The highly-polished surface looks tantalising, but as soon as you pick it kg00 it becomes noticeably covered in finger prints. The phone we had was a test sample so we should warn you that there might be some differences to the final version, though this software lg kg800 behaved perfectly alright and we didn’t stumble upon any obvious bugs. Find a track you want to listen lg kg800 and start it lg kg800, and you are likely to press cancel accidentally, and have to start all over again.

LG Chocolate KG – Wine Red (Unlocked) Cellular Phone | eBay

It’s no wonder that this phone has become a style icon. The SIM card is easy to get in and out of its bed. Lg kg800 Great at what it does. The lg kg800 is mainly targeted at a market niche of expensive designer phones which have the main purpose of distinguishing their owners from the general crowd.

Yes, you heard us right – the phone smells of chocolate. LG Chocolate and its pouch.

Lg kg800 they had a quad band phone it would be the only phones that I would buy. The backlighting is pretty good. Not only that but if you slide the phone open it will reveal even more: LG KG technical specifications.

LG KG800 Chocolate review

Touchpad and numeric keypad glowing in the dark. Back panel view The battery cover is hard to disengage in fact.

No memory lb slot No FM radio No airplane mode Slow and inconvenient camera interface No MP3 playlist and ID3 tag support The phone features an lg kg800 touchpad which is used for menu navigation and it’s a wonderful piece of design which lg kg800 adds to the classy overall feel of the handset. Comments 73 User reviews KG I have a motorola rizor which is also a sliding phone, so I will lg kg800 the two products.

The version that I bough t was a UK model. The different keys are then spread in a checkerboard way across the whole keypad and that makes it very attractive.

The memory is only MB and cannot lg kg800 extended with a memory card, which isn’t ideal for a music playing phone — though you’ll still fit a reasonable number of tracks on it if you are willing to compromise on the bitrate.