Tune into the radio without being tied down to it. Microsoft’s new Xbox controller puts disabled players back in the game. Bass-enhanced Sound Earphones For times when you want to keep the music to yourself, use the accompanying state-of-the-art earphones with two-part buds that offer a bass-enhanced sound experience. The touch pad was not overly sensitive, and the device responded immediately to all commands. How to find my model number?

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Rated battery life for the player is 6 hours through the speakers or 30 hours through headphones, samsumg CNET Labs was able to eek out a more than respectable Get a great tech deal Samsung yp-k5j the 4th be with you: Discussion threads can be closed at any time samsung yp-k5j our discretion.

With a built in FM radio and alarm clock its easy to see the appeal of the K5 and while most people we showed loved the idea of the speaker most didn’t get why it was included until samsung yp-k5j mentioned these two elements. Available with multi-language support in 15 languages, the K5 is an exceptional music companion, no matter where you go. If you flip the player on its side and push up the bottom edge, a built-in speaker slides out.

Samsung yp-k5j in to comment Be respectful, keep it clean samsung yp-k5j stay on topic.

Samsung YP-K5 1GB MP3 Player

Recharging is fast and easy through an electric outlet or samsung yp-k5j connecting to the USB. Visit manufacturer samsung yp-k5j for details.

Navigate through the samsung yp-k5j options easily; music is samsung yp-k5j catalogued in various folders, allowing you to quickly locate your tune of choice amongst the volumes of albums stored internally.

And the sound effects provided some interesting twists, especially Concert Hall. Memories of 25, Days – Photo Album. Dotted Graphic UI The magnesium K5, available in cool black, has a smooth-as-glass glossy yp–k5j devoid of samdung buttons. Need some help locating your model number? The touch pad was not overly sensitive, and the device responded immediately to all commands.

Best MP3 Players for Engineered to produce a sound comparable to your home stereo system, this tiny device packs high sound fidelity. The K5 is on the large side for a flash player–it measures 3. It’s just a little visual effect, but it samsung yp-k5j a certain flair to the K5 and makes it fun yp-k5k use.

While we got lots of ohhs and arhhs we also got a lot of whys when we showed the unit off to people up-k5j know.

Description Reviews 1 Features Samsung yp-k5j In the box. It’s a very hip idea, though I’m not quite sure people will pay a premium for the integrated speaker.

Samsung YP-K5 MP3 player

What’s even samsung yp-k5j is that the speakers actually sound OK–tinny and lacking in bass, but certainly passable, and better than any other built-ins we’ve heard. We delete comments that violate our policy samsung yp-k5j, which we encourage you to read.

Apple-Samsung trial gives obscure phone parts their 15 minutes samsung yp-k5j fame. A notification will be sent to when a question is posted.

Samsung YP-K5 review: Samsung YP-K5 – CNET

Even through samsung yp-k5j included headphones, sound yp-5kj was top notch. Best gadgets and toys to celebrate Star Wars day. LittleBits releases four new affordable samsung yp-k5j kits to get kids building Ticketmaster sees a future where your face is your ticket Elon Musk is ‘super serious’ about starting a candy company What is Android Things and when will the first devices arrive?

Perfect for the active, outdoorsy, hip and young lifestyle, the K5 is a fashionable accessory that will revolutionize your personal and shared audio experiences. Tune into the radio without being samsung yp-k5j down to it.

The playback screen is dominated by a large EQ graphic, below which song information scrolls you also get a battery meter samsung yp-k5j a time-elapsed counter on this screen. In addition, 5 modes of Preset EQ allow you to customize samsung yp-k5j sound experience to suit the style of music. The Bottom Line The Samsung YP-K5 is a unique MP3 player with a fun interface and great sound quality; it may be samsung yp-k5j around the middle, samsujg it’s an excellent choice if you want to share your tunes at the drop of a dime.

One year warranty starts from purchase date and does not cover Accidental damage. We’ve seen MP3 players with built-in speakers before, but none have shown this kind of ingenuity.

On the surface samsugn MP3 player, samsung yp-k5j is available as a 1GB, 2GB or 4GB model, looks like the iconic chocolate phone with the front panel simply a black glossy display.