A confirmation page will show up. The tilt bail is nothing special, and in this new DMM it is very hard to unlock it. It was a present from my now ex-girlfriend who won it in a giveaway at a summer job in a calibration house. But I still don’t like this thing after seeing the inside. However, it will auto-poweroff after roughly 1 hour, even in this mode. When done , find the Sunplus device in Device manager and change the Communication Rate to , and select the same port Number in PC-Link software in order to work.

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At the Capacitance mode spcp825 manual range button does not work. I was hopping that they would spcp825 add some extra thought on it, like to was a new step for the future. OK – I’ll bite. Thread necro, but i just registered to spcp825 this down, in case someone else is interested.

Please login or register. I got totally surprised, because I had not remove spcp825 PCB from the caseand so it was not my fault. I’m definitely no expert, but the build construct looks dodgy crap. Spcp825 I still don’t like this thing after seeing spcp825 inside. October 02, The four screws around the body, gets in tiny plastic threads, that easily can break apart, actually the spcp825 of those points break off when my own friend tried to spcp825 it up in his own shop, the screws was over tighten from the factory.

USB\VID_04FC&PID_ – SPCP RSC Adapter | Device Hunt

UNI-T appears to spcp825 meters much better anyway I believe the 20 years history mastech cannot possibly be spcp825 china, i spcp825 seeing elsewhere that there is a original mastech from the states and one clone from china. It was a present from my now ex-girlfriend who won it in a giveaway spcp825 a summer job in a calibration house.

The LEDs don’t seem to bleed throughthe case spcp825 mine but one of the screws no longer has a thread in the plastic to spfp825 into. Details about the program you wish to uninstall, by pressing the Properties button. I was not even bothered to test the Data logging capabilities of it, the specific model xpcp825 comes spcp825 an IR-USB cable.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO

I got very mixed feelings by spcp825. Just took apart mine.

Display update 2 per second. I was xpcp825 more from one unit that it was designed at — Display update 1 per second. The spcp825 compartment it is very narrow, so narrow that you need a screwdriver and to use some spcp825 so to get out the battery from it. But the overall picture is tragic.

Examples VS Time in seconds socp825 to read them. Spcp825 looking the pictures of the Tear-down, the first impressions are terrible, there is no need to say that most of my enthusiasm about it had vanish. The plastic body spcp825 the unit is very slippery spcp825 light weight, no anti-slip spccp825 pads, it could easily slide from the bench and hit the floor, no matter if it is standing on the tilt bail or not. DC-Volts After setting up these pots, the meter gives more or less spcp825 readings – at least within spcp825.

There was an error while thanking. If spcp825 are involved in the specific design, they spcp825 fire their product developers, or close down as company. Funny how their dodgy LCD backlight constructions is similar to how it was recently discussed on this forum, guess the bodge job is cheaper than a proper backlit LCD.

SPCP USB to UART Bridge by Sunplus Technology Co – Should I Remove It?

After installation, you can manually uninstall the HR Spcp825 program, the needed driver stays unchanged. Thank you for any help. Bored Work Super Contributor Spcp852 Bored Work on May 28, I have a Mastech VA18B spcp825, and did spcp825 more teardowns and research on it, as I plan to write software-support for this and other DMMs in sigrok spxp825 open-source, cross-platform software spcp825 for logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, dataloggers, multimeters, and other gear.

Would somebody read me the value spcp825 this resistor?