Skip to content Site Overlay. The specifications of the printhead are as follows: Print Data Flow Fig. The specifications of the carriage motor are as follows: Paper feed 1 Lubricants and Adhesive Table And switch off and switch on the printer.

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The rollers are driven by the movement of the gear, and the inked ribbon is fed. Number of steps per revolution: Checkpoint Check that the ribbon cartridge is installed correctly.

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Turn the left iwpro guide shaft lever fully counterclockwise and pull it out through cutout A. Refer to the “Optional Interface Technical Manual” for details.

Remove the wipro lx 800 case. The common wires of the wipro lx 800 cable are disconnected. Removal of Carriage Guide Plate ig. The CPU analyzes each byte of data to determine whether it is a control code or print data, then returns the ACK signal to the interface.

Ribbon Mask Carriage Fig. The details wirpo the E05A03BA are given in section 2. Do not use thinner, trichloroethylene, or ketone-based solvents on the plastic components of the printer. Figure shows the basic phase switching pattern. Shieldthe twisted pairs, and connect the shield to GND in order to reduce interface.

Move the timing belt manually and check if the carriage motor rotates. Moves from right to left for four steps, then stops. Answer questions, earn points and help others Answer questions.

For the sprocket feed method, the pressure of the paper feed rollers against the platen is wipro lx 800 by shifting the release lever forward. Start your free scan for: Sipro the message “Data Dump Mode” is printed. Pulse width must be more than 0.


Fuse F2 is open. Loosen the four tabs securing the paper guide wipro lx 800 and the paper guide plate spacer to the frame, using a screwdriver, and lift them to remove them.

A ribbon driving gear always turns counterclockwise, via the gear trains shown in Tableirrespective of the direction of wipro lx 800 timing belt.

Removal of Carriage Motor 5. The board could be damaged if the connectors are pulled wipro lx 800 roughly. Signal direction is viewed from the E05A03 side. When this voltage is not stable, such as at either a leading or trailing edge when the printer power is turned on wipro lx 800 offthe reset circuit prevents the CPU from running.

Control Panel Removal 4-B.

The paper feed motor does not Verify that no foreign substance is lodged be. The tool marked wipro lx 800 used when attaching the E-ring 2. Install the paper guide and the platen unit on the printer mechanism. Reinsert the tim- ing belt firmly. Click “Add” to insert your video. Wipro lx 800 self-test mode, Carriage control Phase switching is Measure the wave-form Replace the de- printing is is abnormal.

Removal of Paper Feed Motor ig.