Here we allowing the editing of the CD area, designing new graphs or even insert image files from your hard disk to your CD design. You must hold the CD at specific angle in order to have the best possible view For testing the Mt. We copied a MB file The spindle motor rotates erratically reverse rotation, change in revolution, e.

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The application allows users to change the track order or erase a track on a CD-RW with audio files.

The following table shows the recording time results we got with various media. The formatted disc had MB of free space. News Around The Web.

The main properties window includes settings yamaha crw f1e the pen tool, the brush tool, the text effects and the font of your image. The micrometer black dote was harder for the drive to read but no read error occurred. We will release new firmware to accept rewriting at 16x or 12x when we find the HS-RW media to be rewritten at such speed The “Dynamic Damper Mechanism” reduces vibration and noise, allowing smooth acceleration and rotation at ultra fast rotation speeds of rpm.

We also burned the same project, under normal AudioCD authoring 4X, 16X and 44X yamaha crw f1e order to see if there are any major differences. The questions that come up are also focused upon not only the recording times maintained but upon the produced writing quality, the supported media list and the yamaha crw f1e, as well. On the left there are various tools for easier design.

Users can sacrifice some of their data space on a CD in order to print any info in the outer area of the CD, which can be song titles, company logos, or even yamaha crw f1e complicated pictures. When OWSC in enabled and a low quality media being used, Nero will report the drop of recording speed, usually down to 16X.


We also tested the reading performance with backups of the original CDs, since the reading speed varies between original and backup media. We will have to wait and see.

The package included the bare drive among with the essential media for the tests and the CDR software. There will be several other CRWF1 versions with different connection interface: You can now etch a memo, your signature, photo thumbnails or your company’s logo right onto yamaha crw f1e bottom of the disc.

This timing inaccuracy is what is known yamhaa “jitter”.

yamaha crw f1e The starting speed could be higher and that would give a faster average speed by the end. The spindle motor runs wild Physical characteristics of disc: It enables high-quality and high speed writing by meticulously controlling all the features of the drive, including:.


Amplify Weak Sectors On. One benefit of the slightly slower read speed is that the yamaha crw f1e is not as noisy as the other 48X drives. When using high-quality media, and selected the ‘Best WriteSpeed’ method, drive will automatically select the best recording speed from 1X, 4X and 8X.

This feature is similar to yamaha crw f1e editing process you possibly do on your Minidisk. It begins at t1e and then smoothly accelerates to 44X in the yamaa area. The exact supported writing speeds are: Some people prefer the mild DiscT 2 effect which results on Cyanine, while others have been extremely pleased using Phthalocyanine, as this type of media results in almost a “watermark” effect DiscT 2 takes things further and breaks free from the limitations imposed by normal EFM patterns.

Nero info tool reports that the drive supports yamaha crw f1e reading and writing, the firmware installed is the v1. Visible Images Using DiscT 2 Patterns After the writing stage is completed you can fill the remaining outer space of the disc with text and data such as d1e names f1ee the songs or files on the disc, personal signatures or company logos, creation dates i. Is my Yamaha dying?

Yamaha 44x24x44x CRW-F1E (IDE) CD-RW

It enables high-quality and high speed writing by meticulously controlling all the features of the drive, including:. When you burn DiscT 2 at entire disc, it takes about 12min.

This has been the case with some other high-speed CD writers.